Invest with ALM Equity

In addition to the Group’s listed products, ALM Equity offers a limited group of investors to invest directly in projects. Several of our investors have been with us in different projects over several years. These transactions are managed by business area Financing. The business area has the primary investor contact, structures the transactions and supports the other business areas where investments are made in processes for follow-up of the projects and in financial transactions during the tenor of the investment.


Flexible product

We turn to family offices, companies, institutions and funds that can invest MSEK 20 and up. Since we exercise control over our own investment objects, we can tailor the product financially for the right party, but it common that investors buy a development right for execution together with ALM Equity’s subsidiary ALM Småa Bostad, or that a property is purchased together with the Group’s management company. The investor puts up most of the capital and the profit is shared. We also offer investment in the form of direct loans, where we currently work mostly with institutions.

Experience meets new thinking

Since 2006 ALM Equity has delivered a strong and positive return to investors. We know how they think, we know how to run real estate projects and we know how to combine these skills in as safe and smart way as possible for both parties. It is mostly a matter of envisioning both possible and impossible scenarios and to structure co-operation and process management accordingly. Come with us the next time around!

Invest in project development

As an investor in development projects you can participate in a project at as an early stage as the detailed zoning plan process. The earlier you join in a project, the greeter the opportunity for return. ALM Equity’s origin is as housing project developer. Since we always have our own projects ready for development and new projects flowing in, we are always open to meeting new partners.

Invest in management

ALM Equity’s management company, Svenska Nyttobostäder, is growing rapidly. The management projects make it possible to benefit from the growth in value as a company grows. The properties are acquired from the Group’ project development companies. Thanks to close co-operation between the Group’s business areas, the products can be adapted to their end use at an early stage. This applies to everything from detailed zoning plans and the design of buildings to digital management solutions.

Direct loans

In recent years ALM Equity has elected to place a growing portion of its debt financing outside the regular banking sector. This manner of broadening the base reduces the Group’s risks, but also creates opportunities for other creative business with new partners. The counterparties are often institutions. By co-operating directly instead of via intermediaries, we create a smarter transaction for both parties and build a relationship based on great trust.

Interested in working together?

Contact us if you are interested in investing in projects or similar collaborations. We are always looking for new and exciting business transactions and will be glad to invite the right party into those we have already found.