Investor Relations

A group focused on developing and investing in companies in the Swedish property sector.


ALM Equity issued its first corporate bond in March 2016 (series 2016/2020), which was followed by a second bond issue in May 2017 (series 2017/2021). Each of these issues amounted to SEK 600 million. The first issue (series 2016/2020) was repaid in March 2020 with the company’s own funds. Regarding the second issue (series 2017/2021), the company repurchased outstanding bonds for a nominal amount of SEK 209 million in June 2020 and the remaining part of the issue was refinanced in December 2020 by the company exercising its right to voluntary full early redemption.

There are currently three outstanding bond issues – two of which were issued in June 2020 (series 2020/ 2023) and December 2020 (series 2020/2025). Each of the outstanding issues amounts to a total of SEK 600 million. The series 2021/2026 was issued in June 2021 and amounted to SEK 1,000 million within a framework of SEK 1,250 million.

All bond loans have been listed on the corporate bond list on Nasdaq Stockholm.