Investor Relations

A group focused on developing and investing in companies in the Swedish property sector.

About ALM Equity

We want to lead the sector forward by owning and building independent companies that can drive sustainable and innovative development of the property sector.



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ALM Equity will be the most profitable and innovative Group in select parts of the Swedish property sector.


Our business


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ALM Equity will invest and develop business in the Swedish property sector based on the future needs of the market. Through active ownership, ALM Equity will drive the initiatives that are judged to create the highest risk-adjusted return on equity for each individual business, and at the next level creates the maximum risk-adjusted return on equity for shareholders.




Our business


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Investment and development takes place in companies within the
property sector based on the needs of the future market. Through
active ownership, ALM Equity develops and drives the initiatives
that create maximum value in the longer term. Its strength is being
able to quickly adapt its portfolio, act and adapt to changes and
dare to challenge and find new paths.

Investments are made in business opportunities and assets
with good growth potential where ALM Equity can add value and
work for sustainable development. The investments are evaluated
based on value, potential and risk and how well they complement
the company's portfolio and the company's current strategy.

Creating value takes place through the packaging, financing
and restructuring of assets and/or companies to build a stable
platform and value base and become an independent business
with the potential for stock market listing.

ALM Equity always has a significant ownership stake in the
holdings in order to participate actively in the companies' development. Capital that is released in the event of ownership diversification, stock market listing or ongoing dividends is reinvested in existing businesses and new business opportunities.